Make money in a different way – read about our new genereation reward token!

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How to earn passive income in the long term – Get familiar with a new-generation reward token!

We wanted to compose a good summary of the FRTC project, so we asked our Holders to do it. The FairToken Community quickly turned out to be a very helpful and cohesive group of people. Our community is not just there with us when we break new records day by day and get closer and closer to the moon. The community is also there when a red candle appears on the chart. They are always ready to innovate, share their ideas and suggestions  – that brings us all forward. When we announced our first charity campaign, they were the ones who immediately donated the largest share of their rewards to those in need.

What makes this reward token different from the others?

An FRTC Holder can explain with one word: in most cases it’s ‘Treasury‘.

In a year or two our stable Holders will be earning an average salary just from the rewards! 

This may need some explanation, as from so much information your first thought may be that it is too good to be true.


Thanks to trading, we distribute a large part of the tax on buying and selling as a reward to our Holders in the form of CAKE tokens.


Holders receive 50% of the reward every weekday evening at 22:00 (Daily reward), if they have the minimum FRTC amount required.


The other 50% of the reward is stored in the TREASURY in CAKE. The CAKE accumulated here is continuously replenished by staking (currently in the Auto CAKE Pool of PancakeSwap). The yield of the Pool is now quite favourable and nevertheless safe. This yield (and only the yield) is paid to our Holders every Monday morning at 8:00 am (weekly PayDay reward), if they have the minimum FRTC amount required.

I would like to elaborate the above showing the current Treasury figures, because I believe in numbers.

Let’s look at an example from last Monday. 🍰


CAKE in the Treasury: 4 909.6

Weekly interest: ~1.04%

Weekly yield: 4 909.6 x 0.0104 = 51.3 CAKE

This yield will be distributed to our Holders on the PayDay (every Monday). 

Just for interest, 1 week ago it was 49.4 CAKE, the Monday before it was 45.8 CAKE.

If we expect only a 6% increase then the current 51.3 CAKE will be at least 956 CAKE in 1 year.

Overall, you are never late to join, due to the always growing Treasury! 👆



Is there anyone who is not yet convinced by this calculation? 

Our stable Holders have been holding their tokens since the beginning and are getting their rewards nice and steady. Not just in the first week of the project, but every day since. 

In the FairToken Community we asked our holders the question why they trusted our project. Of course, the Treasury was not everyone’s first thought. Many highlighted the Holder Protection Shield, a feature that levies a higher sales tax on weekends and holidays, so Holders can spend their free time with family and friends rather than monitoring the chart. However if someone does sell despite the HPS – our Holders get even more cakes!

The point of FRTC is not WHEN you join, but if you have diamond hands and patience.

The community helps us grow and we work for them. Our Holders asked for a stake option to make the investment of loyal Holders even more profitable. The FRTC team has thought about this option, and implemented it. 

Now you have the possibility to lock your FRTC tokens for 3, 6 or even 12 months. This will entitle you to an interest premium from the date of the locking when the CAKE reward is distributed, as follows:


The security of the staked tokens is guaranteed by locked contracts. Thus, one of the biggest advantages of FRTC staking (besides the stake bonus) is that an outside observer looking at the project will see more stable and committed holders.


If you haven’t really trusted a reward-based token until now, we’ll show you that FRTC is worth your trust!









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